About us

Hello my friend

We are here to build emotion, connect people and create happy stories.

CoronaMessenger is a friendly chat & dating theme based for the community functionality. It allows you to easily create a community for chat & dating. You can add your own branding, text and images right away.

It’s all about humans

We have done research related to users interactions and we came up with a beautiful User Interface that puts CoronaMessenger in the first place. 

Chat & Dating With CoronaMessenger

Meet new people or love. All with CoronaMessenger now.

CoronaMessenger Integrations

Write the stories in a simple way

CoronaMessenger is compatible for chat & dating. That means you can write beautiful articles right away and have a blog to keep your friends informed.

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Happy Users

Our main goal is to have satisfied customers and that is why we have a 7/7 support team ready for you in case you have any questions about CoronaMessenger use.

“Such a great platform, I found many friends and my love”
Matilda Ferentz

“CoronaMessenger is a cool community with lots of useful features”

Jonathan Frazier

“The best discovery in 2019 is CoronaMessenger, and I am proud I found it”

Georgia Mason

“Smart matching helped me find new beautiful friends”

Ricky Hansen