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About us

Hello my friend

We are here to build emotion, connect people and create happy stories.

CoronaMessenger is a friendly chat & dating theme based for the community functionality. It allows you to easily create a community for chat & dating. You can add your own branding, text and images right away.

It’s all about humans

We have done research related to users interactions and we came up with a beautiful User Interface that puts CoronaMessenger in the first place. 

What is our offer?

Meet new people and love online, and have shared unforgettable lifetime experience.

How to use CoronaMessenger?

It is really very easy to start using CoronaMessenger. Just create an account and that’s it.

Why use CoronaMessenger?

Using CoronaMessenger is very simple and inexpensive. It is our ambition to become a leader in online communication for you.

Who can use CoronaMessenger?

Everyone. Because the use of CoronaMessenger itself is very simple and cheap at the same time. All you have to do is register. That is all.

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Chat & Dating With CoronaMessenger

Meet new people or love. All with CoronaMessenger now.

CoronaMessenger Integrations

Write the stories in a simple way

CoronaMessenger is compatible for chat & dating. That means you can write beautiful articles right away and have a blog to keep your friends informed.

Meet CoronaMessenger influencers

Happy Users

Our main goal is to have satisfied customers and that is why we have a 7/7 support team ready for you in case you have any questions about CoronaMessenger use.

“Such a great platform, I found many friends and my love”
Matilda Ferentz

“CoronaMessenger is a cool community with lots of useful features”

Jonathan Frazier

“The best discovery in 2019 is CoronaMessenger, and I am proud I found it”

Georgia Mason

“Smart matching helped me find new beautiful friends”

Ricky Hansen

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